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Warhol Superstar Establishes Fund for Transgender Youth

Holly Woodlawn, one of Warhol’s favorite muses, recently passed away. Known for her career as a Transgendered Entertainer, Woodlawn has left behind a charitable legacy. Woodlawn’s estate has recently announced its newest endeavor, dubbed the “Holly Woodlawn Memorial Fund for Transgender Youth,” benefiting the Los Angeles LGBT Center.

Woodlawn’s donation will fund and expand the Center’s various services and programs. As the largest service provider for LGBT Youth in the U.S., the Los Angeles LGBT Center provides health care services as well as employment counseling and support for Trans Pride.

Although Woodlawn enjoyed a career as one of the first and most prolific trans entertainers, she shared many of the same experiences that LGBT youth endure everyday. She braved homelessness and experienced first hand the Stonewall Inn riots that culminated in the LGBT community’s own civil rights movement.

Her relationship with Andy Warhol began in 1968, when she met the artist at a screening of Flesh directed by Paul Morrissey. She then went on to star in other Warhol and Morrissey films such as Trash and Women in Revolt. The breadth of her career includes screen acting, theatre, modeling, and cabaret performing. In 2015 she appeared in two episodes of Amazon’s Transparent.

To donate to the Holly Woodlawn Memorial Fund visit Lalgbtcenter.org/holly
or call (323) 993-8931


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