Andy Warhol is Coming to Toronto!

Andy Warhol is Coming to Toronto!


Well his work is all thanks to the ex Torontonian, Ron Rivlin. Bringing more than 120 pieces from LA of original Andy to Yorkville this coming July. We’ll have the opportunity to view some his work. I’m excited about this since I’ve only ever seen his collaboration work with Jean-Michel during the Basquiat exhibit this winter at the AGO. Clearly I chose this piece to include in my post as I’m excited for all things U.K. these days.

Since Andrew and I are STILL looking for art for our own (we have a lot of blank space on our walls), I’m visiting as many galleries and exhibits as possible. Hopefully this will nurture and grow our “taste” of art since we are both VERY different in what we are drawn to. We don’t just want to purchase cheap prints (not that I’m against them!) to fill the space or art that is just O.K. – it has to strike a chord with us and lately, we haven’t felt it. Not to say we will be purchasing any of Mr. Warhol’s work but instead we will visit and let him inspire us.

Andy Warhol Revisited runs from July 1 to December 31 at 77 Bloor St W. Admission is $10 for adults, $8 for seniors and $5 for students and youth. Kids under 5 are free.



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