Andy Warhol Pop Art Exhibit Comes To Toronto - Revolver Gallery

Andy Warhol Pop Art Exhibit Comes To Toronto

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You can now experience iconic Andy Warhol paintings and prints first hand at Andy Warhol Revisited – a pop-up exhibit opening today in Toronto at 77 Bloor Street West. The Los Angeles-based Revolver Gallery are hosting and curating the exhibit, and will rotate more than 120 historic Warhol pieces throughout the exhibit’s six-month run. Notable pieces include portraits of Marilyn Monroe, Mickey Mouse, Queen Elizabeth, the Campbell’s Soup Cans and many more.

A bilingual Andy Warhol Revisited Audio Tour App – which also launches today – will be available to download for visitors who are interested in Warhol history, as well as additional background and historical information about the artwork on display. The gallery will also be hosting private events, live music, as well as a rotating lecture series.



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