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Andy Warhol Timepiece Sold for $75K at Auction

Ron Rivlin, April 29, 2016

Andy Warhol Patek Philippe Watch

The world’s largest fine arts auction house, Christie’s, made a huge sale the past week after auctioning off an Andy Warhol Timepiece. Warhol’s’ Patek Philippe wristwatch sold for a staggering $75,000 to an anonymous online-buyer. The classic 18-karat gold watch comes with an original black-lizard-skin strap, applied numerals and ‘bunny-ear’ lugs.

Throughout his life, Andy Warhol expressed his appreciation for luxury timepieces. It is rumored that Warhol owned up to 3000 watches, which included Patek Philippe, Rolex and Cartier pieces. His eccentric accessories were part of the whimsical yet mysterious image portrayed by Warhol.

“I don’t wear a (Cartier) Tank watch to tell the time. In fact I never wind it. I wear the Tank because it’s the watch to wear.” –Any Warhol


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