Andy Warhol Works Hong Kong - Early Andy Warhol Works in Hong Kong

Early Andy Warhol Works go on Sale in Hong Kong

Chinese collectors were introduced to the American Pop Art Artist Andy Warhol Thursday when his early works went on display in Hong Kong.

The exhibition was organized by Sotheby’s gallery which now features lesser-well known Andy Warhol art. The works are primarily on paper and are valued between $15,000 – $1 millii US Dollars.

“We’ve really been seeing both in our private sales and in our auction sales that China is becoming a very big part of our business,” Jacqueline Wachter, a contemporary art specialist at Sotheby’s, said.

The selling exhibition, titled “From Warhol, With Love” will be open to the public until September 24.


Andy Warhol - Warhol China Exhibition

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