Favorite Warhol Pieces by Toronto Star's Art Critic

Favorite Warhol Pieces by Toronto Star’s Art Critic


Murray Whyte, art critic of the Canada’s largest daily newspaper, Toronto Star, released his review of Revolver Gallery’s new exhibition, Andy Warhol Revisited, in the July 1 article, “From Marilyn to less-known works, Andy Warhol’s genius is on display.” In the article, Whyte discussed some of his favorite Warhol pieces on display at the pop art exhibition.

Whyte gave an overview on the exhibition and not only shared his favorite Warhol pieces, but a brief biography on Andy Warhol. He focused on the commercial success achieved by the artist and said, “…by the time of his death in 1987, Warhol’s savvy manipulations of popular culture had made him a fixture in the mainstream eye and his undeflatable presence on the international auction market has kept him there.”

Whyte commented on the exhibition space, a former GUESS retail store, stating that its location is in “a louche mass-market fashion chain” that would certainly amuse Warhol: “the pater familias of consumer critique in contemporary art.”

On the Warhol collection itself, the art critic said it, “runs the gamut from the very predictable, and least accomplished of Warhol’s works to the occasional, surprising gem.”

Whyte acknowledged the more iconic works such as the Marilyns and Soup Cans, but he prefers the lesser-known works. One of his favorite pieces is Shadow (1977), writing, “A little a-ha! moment, Shadow, one of Warhol’s gorgeous, small silkscreen paintings, is worth the price of admission — for me, at least — all on its own.” Another favorite piece is Electric Chair (1971), which he called a “disquieting gem.” Whyte admired the more subtle critiques of society and mass culture that these works reveal.

Revolver Gallery welcomes art lovers in Toronto and beyond to visit the exhibition and discover their favorite Warhol pieces.

Check out Toronto Star for the full article on Andy Warhol: Revisited.

Photo by George Pimentel (2015)


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