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Warhol Spotlight: Gertrude Stein!

Warhol turned away from contemporary culture in 1980 with an exhibition at the Jewish Museum of Paintings titled “Ten Portraits of Jews of the Twentieth Century.” The international array of individuals included as subjects among the group Warhol labeled his “Jewish geniuses”—Sarah Bernhardt, Louis Brandeis, Martin Buber, Albert Einstein, Sigmund Freud, George Gershwin, Franz Kafka, the Marx Brothers, Golda Meir, and Gertrude Stein—represented various areas of the arts, education, entertainment, law, politics, philosophy, psychology, and science.

Warhol’s portrait of poet Gertrude Stein might appear a surprising selection to some but it would be difficult to imagine modernism during the first half of the twentieth century without the presence of Gertrude Stein as it would be difficult to discuss the postmodern period of art without mentioning Andy Warhol.

Title: Gertrude Stein FS II.227

Medium: Screenprint

Year: 1980

This piece is part of Andy Warhol’s Ten Prolific Jews of the Twentieth Century, our exhibition now at Revolver Beverly Hills through the fall!

If you’re interested in this piece, please visit our exhibition today or give us a call at (310) 786 – 7417.



Andy Warhol Gertrude Stein-FS-II.227

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