Ken Fulk and Halston host Suite 100 launch party | Revolver Gallery

L’Ermitage Beverly Hills, Ken Fulk and Halston host Suite 100 launch party


In the 1970’s, men and women across the world bore witness to the rise of disco, American fashion, and innovative art. Not to mention Studio 54! Forty plus years later the rejuvenated and recreated atmosphere can be experienced at the L’Ermitage Beverly Hills. On March 8, 2014, the luxury hotel, Ken Fulk and Halston revealed the launch of Suite 100: A Celebration of the 1970’s – When Fashion & Art Collided. The evening featured cocktails and canapés.

The DJ set the mood with raunchy tunes and the open bar got people off the original 70s furniture and onto the glowing dance floor. Of course it wouldn’t be a 70s art and fashion scene if there wasn’t a HORSE in the middle of the dancefloor. Everyone snapped Instagram pictures with the beast and headed up stairs to the 6th floor to experience the Halston suite. As soon as you walk in, you’re greeted to an original Warhol painting of Elizabeth Taylor and white orchids, which Halston loved and had to have at all times. This was from the Revolver Gallery.

As you walk through the suite, you start to imagine what life must have been like during the 70s. Fur coats, free love, and an explosion of creativity. An art piece of Warhol‘s diamond dust and shadows collection hang next to original Halston dresses. Who said time travel doesn’t exist. Go experience where 70s fashion and art collide at L’Ermitage Beverly Hills’ Suite 100.



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