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Live Through Andy Warhol for a Day

Interactive. Vibrant. Full of life.

These are the words that describe Phoenix Art Museum’s spring and summer exhibition, Andy Warhol: Portraits. The themed portraits are on display in what is “the largest exhibition to have shown in Phoenix and Arizona”, according to museum curator Jerry N. Smith. Organized by one of the four Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh, the exhibition features 200 original Warhol works from his life in the ’40s to his career in the ’80s. Warhol’s controversial and abstract works that were once known as unusual are now recognized today as his most famous pieces.

As said by Smith, “He is more popular than ever – partly because his art was a shadow of social media now. He was at the front of knowing the importance of branding, fame, and being a celebrity.” (Northeast Valley News)

Warhol was able to predict the future trend of “selfies” before anyone else with his early portraits. His quote, “In the future, everyone will be world famous for 15 minutes,” relates to today’s current technology and social media in which anyone can create a portrait of their own.

The exhibition offers interactive elements for families: colorful portraits of celebrities for parents, and floating metallic balloons for children. The “pillows” display is from Warhol’s Silver Clouds that he created in the ’60s, a reflective installation containing helium-air. Visitors are able to film their own experimental screen tests at the exhibition, similar to Warhol’s screen tests in the mid-60s. In a span of three years, he produced over 500 silent, slow-motion 16mm portraits of famed celebrities.

Visit the exhibition at the Marley Foundation Gallery at the Phoenix Art Museum until June 21.

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