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Make-up Artist Recreates Warhol Art on Lips

Ron Rivlin, June 15, 2016

Andy Warhol Lip Art

Ryan Kelly, a make-up artist from Maryland, has gained nearly 50,000 Instagram followers thanks to her intricate lip art. She began at the age of 9, when she worked on her first professional musical. After being exposed to stage make-up for several years, her focus shifted from acting to make-up artistry.

Her Instagram account, which focuses exclusively on her lip-art, has not only gained Kelly a large following, but has encouraged the growth of lip-art. Kelly’s lips have featured many of her own designs, however she pulls many of her ideas from Pop Culture as well. Recent designs have referenced Game of Thrones, Starbucks, and The Hunger Games. Of course, emojis have made an appearance as well. Among Kelly’s designs are recreations of famous art, including Andy Warhol’s silkscreen of Marilyn Monroe. Although the original painting was produced more than 50 years ago, it still retains its strength as a powerful pop culture icon. Kelly’s time-lapse video of the design has been viewed nearly 80,000 times.

The popularity of Kelly’s recreation on social media shows a whole new generation appreciating and celebrating the work of Warhol. Kelly’s Warhol-inspired lip design even earned her a spot as one of 30 make-up designers competing for the NYX Fine Artistry of Cosmetic Elites Award.


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