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The MoMA to Digitize Andy Warhol Films

Many of Andy Warhol’s films that were shot during his career have not been made available for pubic viewing. Not because the Andy Warhol Foundation would not like them released, but because they have not been digitized. Warhol shot hundreds of films throughout his lifetime. His most famous films include “Sleep”, as well as “Empire”. Warhol also created hundreds of hours of film of what has become known as the screen-tests. These were short, black-and-white portraits of Factory visitors.

“In a new partnership announced this week, the Museum of Modern Art in New York said it will digitize about 500 films that Warhol shot between 1963 and 1971, eventually making them available for wider public screenings.” (LA Times, 2014)

The MoMA is the current owner of the original Campbell Soup screenprints that Warhol created for his show in Los Angeles. This project is an ongoing effort to pave the way for the restoration of old projects. MoMA plans to lend the movies to other institutions, and make them available publicly.

Andy Warhol Lines Up A Shot

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