Campbell’s Soup I: Consommé Beef 52 - Andy Warhol

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Title: Campbell’s Soup I: Consommé Beef (FS II.52)
Medium: Screenprint on Paper
Year: 1968
Size: 35” x 23”
Edition: 250 Edition of 250 signed in ball-point pen and numbered with a rubber stamp on verso.

Campbell’s Soup I: Consommé Beef 52

Consommé, Beef 52 comes from Warhol’s Campbell’s Soup I portfolio. This print is one of ten and was created six years after Warhol’s introduction of the soup cans. The dynamic print features the Campbell’s Soup label, unaltered, in black and white with the bright red label. Using familiar items was not new for Warhol as he was fascinated by consumer goods. He had experimented with similar objects like Coca-Cola bottles throughout the 1960s.

Campbell’s Soup I: Consommé Beef 52 As Part of Andy Warhol’s Larger Body of Work:

Warhol continued with many of the same themes found in Campbell’s Soup I, specifically repetition and consumer goods. The idea of repetition was one what was very important to Warhol as he saw it as something that took away meaning from the object being represented, leaving behind just the image. The first time Warhol showed the soup cans was six years earlier with thirty-two canvases that he showed at the Ferus Gallery in Los Angeles. What is important about this is that he showed the paintings as if they were cans on a shelf in a grocery store, which is unusual and very different from just hanging them on the wall.




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