Campbells Soup Tomato Beef Noodle O's 61 by Andy Warhol

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Title: Campbell’s Soup II: Tomato Beef Noodle O’s (FS II.61)
Medium: Portfolio of Ten Screenprints on Paper
Year: 1969
Size: 35” x 23”
Edition:Edition of 250 signed in ball-point pen and numbered with a rubber stamp on verso; some dated. There are 26 AP signed and lettered A – Z in ball-point pen on verso.

Campbells Soup Tomato Beef Noodle O’s 61

The Tomato Beef Noodle O’s soup can comes from the portfolio “Campbell’s Soup II.” What makes this print unique is the Noodle O’s title, it is not straight across in a simple font, like every other print found in the portfolio. Also the addition of noodle’s as the “O’s” makes the image more fun. With his Campbell’s Soup cans, Andy Warhol tried to replicate the label found in the store. With the dynamic graphic imagery and simple color choices, you can see Warhol’s background as a graphic designer and illustrator. All of the ten prints found in the “Campbell’s Soup II” portfolio came from his 32 Campbell’s Soup paintings produced in 1962. The ten chosen for the second print portfolio feature more unusual flavors, rather than tomato and chicken noodle, and all features some kind of unique design element, unlike the ten prints found in the first portfolio of Campbell’s Soup cans.

Campbells Soup Tomato Beef Noodle O’s 61 by Andy Warhol as Part of a Larger Body of Work:

Warhol continued to play around with every day objects because of his interest in mass consumption and consumer goods. The semi-mechanized process of screenprinting that Warhol mastered is very necessary for portfolios like this one, where he is trying to recreate an object that is created by an automated machine. Also, the idea of repeating an object multiple times is something that Warhol continues to explore because he discovers that the repetition begins to drain the image of its meaning. This concept becomes very important in his Disaster series. The original 32 Campbell’s Soup paintings were exhibited at the Ferus Gallery in Los Angeles and were displayed as if they were soup cans on the shelves of a grocery store. The connection to Los Angeles, and the California artists in the early 60s is important to note because Warhol is mostly contributed as a New York artist.

Noodle Os 61 Framed

Warhol Tomato Beef Noodle o's 61 Wall Display

Campbells Soup Tomato Beef Noodle O's 61 by Andy Warhol

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