Campbell’s Soup II: Vegetarian Vegetable 56 - Andy Warhol

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Title: Campbell’s Soup II: Vegetarian Vegetable (FS II.56)
Medium: Portfolio of Ten Screenprints on Paper
Year: 1969
Size: 35” x 23”
Edition:Edition of 250 signed in ball-point pen and numbered with a rubber stamp on verso; some dated. There are 26 AP signed and lettered A – Z in ball-point pen on verso.

Campbell’s Soup II: Vegetarian Vegetable 56

This print of the Vegetarian soup can comes from the portfolio “Campbell’s Soup II”. This is a dynamic piece that is meant to represent the exact label of the Campbell’s soup can. The bright yellow bubble with Alphabet Soup written inside makes this print more unique and interesting. These prints come from Warhol’s original 32 Campbell’s Soup paintings. Warhol chose 32 because that was the number of soup varieties available in 1962 when the paintings were produced. The Campbell’s Soup II portfolio is 10 prints from those 32 paintings, and is comprised of the more unusual flavors, or visually unique cans, versus the first portfolio.

Campbell’s Soup II: Vegetarian Vegetable 56 AS PART OF ANDY WARHOL’S LARGER BODY OF WORK:

Warhol considered the Campbell’s Soup cans to be his favorite and he continued with the themes he began with soup cans with the rest of his work. He continued to play with the soup cans, contorting them and altering them, however it is the classic examples that remain the most popular among collectors. When creating the original paintings rather than allowing the paint to drip like he had previously, Warhol instead pursued to maintain the appearance of mechanic reproduction. Also, it was with the Campbell’s Soup cans, that Warhol discovered that repetition drains an object of its meaning which he really explores with the disaster series. This portfolio also shows the reproduction of mass consumption in the most literal sense. Warhol was very interested in objects of mass consumption and American society’s obsession with them.

Vegetarian Vegetable - Andy WarholVegetarian Vegetable - Andy WarholVegetarian Vegetable - Andy WarholVegetarian Vegetable - Andy WarholWarhol Vegetarian Vegetable 56 Wall Display

Andy Warhol - Campbells Soup Vegetarian Vegetable FS II56

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