Campbells Soup Shopping Bag 4

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Title: Campbells Soup Shopping Bag (FS II.4)
Medium: Screenprint on shopping bag.
Year: 1964
Size: 19 1/4″ x 17″
Edition: Edition of 300. Signed in ball point pen on verso; some initialed below the image on the right.

Campbells Soup Shopping Bag 4

Campbells Soup Shopping Bag 4 and his collection of Campbell’s soup cans is arguably his most iconic and widely recognized series of artwork. In this collection, Warhol takes the ever-present American pantry staple and transforms it into high art. Warhol, originally a commercial graphic artist, found the imagery of the Campbell’s soup label a powerful visual tool, since the design had remained successfully unchanged for decades. This bag was created in 1964 for the “American Supermarket” Exhibition at the Bianchini Gallery.

Campbells Soup Shopping Bag 4 as Part of Andy Warhol’s Larger Body of Work

Campbells Soup Shopping Bag 4 and the soup cans were a legitimate subject as a modern ‘still life’ during the postwar American economy. First shown at the Ferus Gallery (Los Angeles) in 1962, the exhibit started as a series of paintings and established Warhol’s first solo exhibition as an overnight success. Furthermore, Warhol had just started to experiment with screenprinting that year, a medium that would change the art world forever. Some of the most famous and recognizable images in art history, the soup cans by Andy Warhol helped to usher in the Pop Art movement that endures today, renewed and rediscovered by artists such as Damien Hirst and Jeff Koons.

shopping-bag-4-stockshopping-bag-4-stockshopping-bag-4-framedshopping-bag-4-sigAndy Warhol Campbell's soup shopping bag 4



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