Flash 34

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Title: Flash- November 22, 1963 Portfolio (FS II.34)
Medium: Portfolio of eleven screenprints, colophon, and Teletype text on paper
Year: 1968
Size: 21” x 21”
Edition: 200, 26 numbered in Roman numerals; 10-lettered A-J has three additional screenprints, each of which is a composite of images from II.33 and II.38. (See II.43A-43C.)
Details: Each print, housed in a folder with a page of Teletype text, is signed in ballpoint pen on verso; the colophon is signed and numbered in ballpoint pen.

Flash 34

Flash 34 is part of a portfolio of eleven different screenprints based on the assassination of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963 and was named for all the “news flash” texts that were being broadcast at the time. All of the prints were based on campaign posters, mass-media photographs, and advertisements. The prints were presented next to Teletype text taken straight from news sources. Warhol Flash 34 features Jacqueline Kennedy in dark blue on a bright blue background.

Flash 34 as Part of Andy Warhol’s Larger Body of Work

Flash 34 has a clear connection to the work Warhol created, focusing on Jacqueline Kennedy. In this piece, he focuses on the Kennedy his family, and the events surrounding his assassination. It’s still based on the anger around the media’s interpretation of the incident and the constant news flashes. Warhol looks at the relationship between American society the media’s obsession with tragedy, a foucs he continues to return to in later works.

FLASH 34 - Andy WarholFLASH 34 - Andy WarholFLASH 34 - Andy Warholandy-warhol-flash-34-wall-design


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