Flash 43C 

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Title: Flash (FS II.43C) (November 22, 1963 Portfolio)
Medium: Portfolio of eleven screenprints, colophon, and Teletype text on paper
Year: 1968
Size: 21” x 21”
Edition: 22, 26 numbered in Roman numerals; 10-lettered A-J has three additional screenprints, each of which is a composite of images from II.33 and II.38. (See II.43A-43C.)
Details: Each print, housed in a folder with a page of Teletype text, is signed in ballpoint pen on verso; the colophon is signed and numbered in ballpoint pen.

Flash 43C (November 22 1963 Portfolio)

Flash 43C was one of the three additional screenprints from the Flash – November 22, 1963 portfolio. Using images from the first eleven screenprints, he created a single image for the final three prints, the only difference being the color of John F. Kennedy’s portrait. In this particular print, the background and presidential seal are in red and orange, and JFK is in green. Using complementary colors creates an interesting composition and color palette.

Flash 43C (November 22 1963 Portfolio) AS PART OF ANDY WARHOL’S LARGER BODY OF WORK:

Using different images, Warhol found in newspapers and magazines became a common thing for Warhol to do. With this portfolio, he imported many different images in order to create the story about the assassination of John F. Kennedy and the days up to his funeral. Featuring both the good things as well as the tragedy. Warhol was great at showing the dichotomy between different things. Also, he continued to experiment with layering different images and experimenting with color following these works.

Andy Warhol Flash 43C November 22 1963


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