Second to Last Warhol Time Capsule Unveiled!

Second to Last Warhol Time Capsule Unveils More About the Eccentricity Surrounding Warhol’s Personal Life

This week, the second to last Warhol time capsule (out of 610), was opened at The Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh. One man’s trash has become the art world’s treasure as flocks of art lovers flocked to the unveiling to watch the museum staff as they revealed the mysteries of Time Capsule 528 (or TC 528).

Attending the opening was special guest Benjamin Liu who assisted Warhol in the assembling and packaging of the time capsules. To his surprise, Liu found a metallic belt buckle in the box that he had sent to Warhol as an admiring fan, long before he worked as his assistant.

Sentiments like these, along with the other keepsakes found in the box – a pile of Christmas wrapping paper, greeting cards from Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall, business cards, a “do-not-disturb” sign from the Beverly Wilshire Hotel – reveal that Warhol wasn’t merely hoarding, but preserving personal moments as an art form.

During the opening, Benjamin Liu talked about Warhol’s meticulous approach to selecting the contents of each box. “It’s a selection,” rather than a haphazard process of placing random items into a box.

“All the times I was helping him packing and sealing them, it’s not like he’d just throw stuff in. It was, like, this goes here, this goes there. The Time Capsule is also a source-material for a lot of his work. Even the personal stuff that people sent to him, he might look at it and go: ‘Maybe that could be so-and-so’.”

The museum’s archival specialists have opened and catalogued 608 of the 610 Warhol time capsules, making TC 528 the second to last capsule to be opened.The last of the Warhol time capsules will be opened at The Warhol museum on Friday, November 14 by an anonymous fan who paid an impressive $30,000 to be the one to open the box. Other guests can buy $10 tickets to view the opening.

Warhol Time Capsule Opened

The Contents of Warhol Time Capsule 528


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