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The Artist Dining Room featuring Andy Warhol

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This summer, The Artist Dining Room will feature one of the most influential, controversial and prominent artists of the 20th century, Andy Warhol.

On June 10 at 7pm, guest chef Charlton Nicoll will prepare a four-course meal inspired by Andy Warhol’s aesthetics in artistic expression, celebrity culture and advertisement. Along with the dining experience will be a performance by the guest host Bart Barton, also known as the Spirit of Andy Warhol. The dinner will be held in London at $64.47 USD per person.

Presented by Guest Projects, The Artist Dining Room is a supper club where creative minds can engage with the ideas of well-known artists through food. A guest chef is invited to create dinners from tailored menus exploring the fundamental, social and intellectual content of an artist’s work. Additionally, a guest host leads the evening through installation and performance. The event allows a space for creative thinkers to socialize at dinner.

Guest Projects is an initiative produced by Shonibare Studio to offer the opportunity for artistic practitioners of any discipline to have access to a free project space for one month. Artists in the fields of dance, visual arts and music are welcomed.

Food is my great extravagance. I really spoil myself.” – Andy Warhol

For more information, visit Guest Projects.


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