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Warhol & Politics

Alexa Montgomery | September 2016


“I went to vote once, but I got too scared. I couldn’t decide whom to vote for.” 

This statement by Warhol, never rang more true.

With the first presidential debate behind us and November hastily approaching, Warhol lovers might begin to ask themselves, ‘who would Warhol vote for?’ Well, it is not that cut and dry, as Warhol had quite a unique mind of his own. He would have been fascinated with business mogul turned celebrity, Mr.Donald Trump, and almost equally as captivated by America’s once first lady vying for a title of her own. So if you are hung up on whether to cast your vote for Trump or Clinton and are wondering what Warhol would do, let us take a look at some of Andy’s more political pieces to help you decide for yourself.


Jackie Kennedy
Jackie Kennedy was undeniably one of America’s most notorious first lady’s and also one of Warhol’s most enamored starlets. After the incredibly saddening assassination of President Kennedy, Warhol in true pop art fashion, decided to commemorate the 35th US president by dedicating a series of silkscreen portraits to his beloved wife. We can’t help but love the eight different images of Jackie’s cherubic face used to represent youth and promise of the upcoming administration. Each of the images used in his series are close up pictures of her face bringing attention to grief and courage. Like Jackie, Hillary also aligns herself with theme of courage and actually quoted the late first lady in slander of Mr.Trump saying, ‘war might be started not so much by big men as by the little ones… moved more by fear and pride.’ If this was the sole piece Warhol created we would have much to believe he’d vote for Mrs.Clinton.


Mao Zedong
Warhol created a controversial series of 10 screenprints among others, illustrating the communist party leader. The prints are taken from, The Little Red Book, a propaganda collection of Mao’s speeches and quotations from the Cultural Revolution. Warhol was quoted saying, “I have been reading so much about China. They’re so nutty. They don’t believe in creativity. The only picture they ever have is of Mao Zedong. It’s great. It looks like a silkscreen”. We believe with his fascination for fame and obsession with the powerful Chinese leader Warhol would have loved Trump’s passion and maybe would have slipped him a vote.


Vote McGovern
Arguably one of Andy’s most overt political pieces, Vote McGovern, was a political campaign piece displaying Nixon’s face in a tyrannical fashion; which has become increasing popular in this year’s election. The print originally was created for George McGovern’s 1972 campaign to urge voters to vote for the democratic candidate. The blue skin and orange eyes left viewers with an eerie feeling about president Nixon. It’s pretty clear who Warhol voted for that year, and even clearer who contemporary artist Deborah Kass wants you to vote for this year, with her amusing parody of the Republican candidate in Warhol style.


We won’t know until after Election day who will be our 2017 president, nor will we ever know who Warhol would vote for. But, we know it would be a close one. So whether you’ll be voting to make America great again or become stronger together, we know Andy would support your vote either way.



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