Warhol Exhibit Coming to Toronto - Revolver Gallery

Warhol Exhibit Coming to Toronto

Andy Warhol Revisited is a Toronto Warhol exhibition of iconic paintings and prints opening Canada Day and on view until December 31, 2015. The exhibition includes over 120 works from Revolver Gallery. Warhol Campbell’s Soup Cans, celebrity images, and other culturally significant artworks are on view in an interactive gallery experience. Revolver Gallery is a fine art gallery specializing exclusively in Andy Warhol prints and paintings, and was founded by Canadian entrepreneur Ron Rivlin. Photos George Pimentel

A major Andy Warhol exhibit is coming to Toronto this summer, but you won’t find it at the AGO or the ROM. Put on by Beverley Hills-based Revolver Gallery, the show will take place in the unremarkable commercial space at 77 Bloor St. West. It’s an odd venue, to be sure, but the exhibit promises to be a hot ticket.

Although Revolver hasn’t released much official information beyond the name (Andy Warhol Revisited: A Mirror for Today) and dates (it opens July 1), a job posting does reveal a few more details, the most crucial of which is that this is being described as the largest Canadian exhibition of Warhol’s work.

Given the AGO hosted a significant Warhol show curated by David Cronenberg back in 2006, the scale of this show certainly sounds promising. And, really, the artist is best seen this way, with a bit of pomp and glory written into the exhibition.

Pricing information hasn’t been released, but you can expect this to be a ticketed event. The show is slated to run until late December.



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