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Warhol Hits the Streets with New Collection

An exclusive collaboration with the Andy Warhol Foundation and Swedish clothing brand WeSC (We are the Superlative Conspiracy) has recently launched a collection of skate-influenced streetwear.

The limited edition collaboration titled, Warhol Conspiracy by WeSC, is based off of various patterns from Warhol’s Camouflage series, the final body of work that Warhol published before his death. Warhol remains an icon in the artistic community and the skateboarding subculture. Similar to the Warhol’s inspired line by Converse Chuck Taylor, WeSC’s collection includes skateboard decks, socks, hats, iPhone cases, button down shirts, and an array of other merchandise that feature the camouflage image. There is also a selection of T-shirts with Warhol quotes and images of the artist.

Marketing to the “Intellectual Slacker,” a person that is an intelligent and does not put on airs, WeSC’s CEO Johan Heijbel says, “Andy Warhol is one of the original ‘Intellectual Slackers’ because of all of his activities; he was doing his own thing…He wasn’t doing anything necessarily academic, he was creating his own vision and his own lifestyle.”

For more information about the collection, visit www.wesc.com.






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