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Warhol Selling for Over $100 Million!

The art world is on a high, and one of the main contributors is certainly still Andy Warhol. Christie’s New York Auction took place May 13, 2014 where two works by Warhol sold for a combined total of more than $100 million, contributing to the highest ever auction total the house brought in a record high of $774.9 million.

Warhol is still showing he is one of the top selling artists in the world, with sales exceeding expectations, especially with this recent auction. The 1962 silkscreen portrait created after the actress’ death, “White Marilyn” was estimated to be sold between $12 million and $18 million. Instead, the work sold for more than double what was predicted. It ended up selling for $41 million.

Among the list of top ten highest sold pieces of Warhol’s, the “White Marilyn” fits in at number 8, bumping out 1962 “Four Marilyns” which was sold in Spring of 2013 for $38.245 by Phillips, and was purchased by a dealer for the Gagosian Gallery. Interestingly enough, Larry Gagaosian is said to have been one of the buyers at Christie’s auction. The New York Times reported Larry as the buyer of Warhol’s other work sold by Christie’s, “Race Riot” 1964 as well. This four-panel piece made of acrylic and silkscreen ink on linen is a depiction of the civil-rights protest in Birmingham, Alabama and sold for $62.9 million, exceeding the estimation that it would sell for $45 million.

“Race Riot” now ranks higher than the “White Marilyn” on the top ten prices for Andy Warhol’s works, coming in at number 6. It kicked out the previous artwork titled “200 One Dollar Bills” 1962, which sold for $43.9 million in November 2009.

These results have proven that Andy Warhol’s works continue to hold a major presence in the art market.

Birmingham Race Riot 3 by Andy Warhol

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