Warhol’s Great-Niece to Fund Warhol Documentary Through Kickstarter

Warhol’s Great-Niece to Fund Warhol Documentary Through Kickstarter

Through a collection of vignettes from members of Andy Warhol’s immediate family, fashion photographer Abby Warhola aims to portray her late great-uncle in a sympathetic way. Says Rick Armstrong of the Andy Warhol Museum, “I think the viewer is going to be surprised.”

New Andy Warhol Documentary in the Works

Abby Warhola, fashion photographer and Andy Warhol’s great-niece, has launched a Kickstarter campaign that aims to raise $175,000 in 3 days to fund a documentary about “Uncle Andy.”

Warhola and her partner, artist Jesse Best, are creating a feature-length documentary stitched together with vignettes collected from each member of Warhol’s family. For the past eight years, the two have been interviewing Warhola family members, including ten hours of interview with Paul Warhola, who had a key role in Andy’s life and passed away in January 2014.

Says Best of the project: “They [Andy’s family] saw every level of progression of fame that he experienced.” He anticipates a uniquely raw documentary, remarking that family is “the one area where they [people] let their guard down.”

The couple has refused grants and financing from production companies because the family has been exploited in the past. The Kickstarter campaign should allow them to produce the film independently, “without any other intentions.”

Warhol’s Great-Niece

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