Andy Warhol's Absolut Designs on Limited Edition Bottles

Warhol’s Magic Reemerges Through Absolut’s Limited Edition Bottles

For the 2014 holidays, Absolut has released the Andy Warhol Limited Edition bottle, featuring his 1986 design for the Swedish vodka company’s ad campaign. Four million limited edition bottles will be released, featuring Warhol’s original design.

Andy Warhol achieved early success as a commercial illustrator, whose unique style and remarkable talent was apparent in the years leading to his evolution as a revolutionary pop artist. In 1986, Warhol returned to his roots as a commercial illustrator after he was commissioned by Absolut to create an original work of art for their advertising campaign.

The collaboration originally launched the brand’s “Absolut Art Collection” and marked the beginning of its ongoing support of contemporary art in the 1980’s. Warhol was the first artist the Swedish vodka brand hired to do so, setting the precedent for one of the company’s most lucrative marketing strategies: artist-designed ad campaigns.

Warhol originally designed portraits of the bottles, set against a vibrant yellow background and accented by sketches of color. Absolut’s Warhol Edition bottles transform his art into reality, by transposing his design onto the actual bottles.


Warhol’s original design for Absolut’s 1986 ad campaign.

The new limited edition bottles are available worldwide starting October 1st and will be priced the same as regular bottles of Absolut. A unique collaboration between Absolut and The Andy Warhol Foundation, a portion of sales will go to the The Foundation’s endowment, a program that has granted $250 million dollars in support of the contemporary arts. Decades after Andy Warhol’s passing, his influence continues to permeate popular culture.

Absolut Andy Warhol

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