What I Wore - Andy Warhol Revisited - Revolver Gallery

What I Wore – Andy Warhol Revisited


Launched on July 1, Andy Warhol Revisited brings a sampling of one of the world’s largest collections of original Warhol prints and paintings to Toronto for a six-month term.  The celebration of Warhol’s pop art movement is being hosted at a satellite pop-up version of the Los Angeles-based Revolver Gallery, located in Yorkville.

Canadian-born entrepreneur Ron Rivlin founded Revolver Gallery – which houses 120 original Warhol works – in 2012.  Highlights from the Toronto show include iconic prints of Marilyn Monroe and Queen Elizabeth II, the Campbell’s Soup Cans, and a selection of original Polaroids.

 A visit to Andy Warhol Revisited felt like the perfect opportunity to debut my new pair of Nuvango ‘Fantasy’ leggings.  With Nuvango’s founding mandate focused around efforts to bring art to the masses, the exhibit felt like the perfect place to show off my latest piece of wearable art.



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