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Andy Warhol - Cooking Pot F.S. II 1 jpg

Galleria Schwarz (Italy)

Galleria Shwarz was an Italian art gallery based in Milan, who published Warhol’s first print. Cooing Pot is Warhol’s earliest published print and was featured in The International Anthology of Contemporary Engraving: The international Avant-Garde, Vol. 5, America Discovered, and published by Galleria Schwarz in Milan, Italy. This work was taken directly from a newspaper advertisement and was rendered in black and white, an early stylistic choice of Warhol that echoed the tradition of advertisements being in black and white. Warhol was interested in the simplicity and mechanics of the cooking pot and the way such objects functioned within industrial America.

Andy Warhol, Cooking Pot stock image.

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