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Four prints of Ingrid Bergman by Andy Warhol.

Gallerie Borjesön (Sweden)

Gallerie Borjesön is an art gallery baed in Malmö, Sweden. In 1983, they published and exhibited Andy Warhol’s Ingrid Bergman series. The series was commissioned by Gallerie Borjeson in honor of her passing in 1982, showing her different characters throughout the years such as a nun in The Nun and Hersel and Ilsa Lund in Casablanca. While Warhol is most known for his interest in “traditional” movie star celebrities, throughout the 1970’s and 1980’s his work largely turned away from choosing actors and actresses as the subjects of his work (instead taking commissions).


Andy Warhol - Ingrid Bergman, The nun F.S. II 314 jpg


Andy Warhol Ingrid Bergman Herself. Basic Stock Photo.


Andy Warhol - Ingrid Bergman with Hat (Full Suite) jpg

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