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Picture of Stock Ladies and Gentlemen (FS II.126), 1975, Screen Print by Andy Warhol

Studio G7 (Italy)

Studio G7 gallery is an art gallery based in Bologna, Italy. It was founded by Ginevra Grigolo in 1973, and held many exhibitions for American and English pop artists throughout the 1970s. The gallery exists today and enjoys an international reputation. In 1975, Studio G7 published Andy Warhol’s Ladies and Gentlemen (FS II.126), a piece from Warhol’s larger Ladies and Gentlemen series in which Warhol explored gender identity and underground drag culture in New York City. The series was commissioned by Luciano Anselmino, a protegee of art dealer Alexander Iolas.


Ladies and Gentlemen 126 by Andy Warhol, with Revolver Gallery watermark.

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