Andy Warhol Exhibit


Andy Warhol exhibit opened to the public in July at pop-up gallery space at 77 Bloor St. West in Yorkville, Toronto. Los Angeles based Revolver Gallery is hosting and curating the show and will rotate more than 120 historic Warhol pieces throughout the galley’s six-month run.

Notable pieces include portraits of Marilyn Monroe, Mao, Mickey Mouse, Queen Elizabeth and the Campbell’s Soup Cans, including a rare series of prints of John Gotti commissioned by the New York Times, and many more.

I can’t wait to share my passion for Andy Warhol and his incredible work through this exhibition in my hometown of Toronto, Warhol was truly a powerful artist, his work still resonates with so many people – he made accessible art that speaks directly to our admiration of popular culture, to both the mundane and the iconic elements of it.”
— Ron Rivlin, founder of Revolver Gallery

Designed in conjunction with Toronto’s award winning firm DesignAgency, the Andy Warhol Revisited gallery space will be a multi-level showcase of art, design and interactive elements that will encourage visitors to not only see the art, but to experience it as well. Highlights include Warhol print wallpaper, a Warhol-inspired gift shop, and an elevated state for hosting music and speaker events.