Andy's Legacy: The Warhol Foundation

Andy’s Legacy Continues: The Andy Warhol Foundation

Andy Warhol’s influence and legacy has impacted modern and contemporary art on a larger scale than one could ever imagine. During his lifetime he was an influential artist that changed the course of modern art and his final will was to continue doing so with the establishment of The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.

The Foundation’s role is one that supports emerging artists, while supporting “organizations that fight censorship, protect artists’ rights and defend their access to evolving technology”. The foundation is instrumental in providing grants and other forms of support to foster these artistic endeavors, so that artists who continue to push cultural and artistic boundaries (as Warhol did), can triumph.

The Andy Warhol museum located in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania is another extension of the Andy Warhol Foundation`s efforts to preserve Andy`s influential role as a modern art innovator. The museum, which serves as the most comprehensive single artist museum in the world, contains an extensive collection of Warhol’s films, prints, canvases and photos.

Andy would be happy to know that his legacy lives on through The Andy Warhol Foundation and his success has paved the way for artists after him to pick up where he left off. In this way, Andy Warhol has truly captivated us for far longer than 15 minutes.

Andy Warhol Foundation

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