Cadillac Collaborates with the Andy Warhol Museum on “Letters to Andy Warhol”

Alexa Montgomery| November 2016

It is no secret that Andy Warhol lived life in the fast lane. After moving from Pittsburg to the big apple, Warhol’s art career and celebrity status took off. Switching gears from a commercial artist to a pop artist, resulted in making Warhol a staple in American art and pop culture. After almost 30 years since Warhol’s untimely passing, Cadillac has announced a partnership with The Andy Warhol Museum on an exhibition titled, “Letters to Andy.” Cadillac, as an iconic American brand, feels Warhol, “painted a portrait of American life” and Patrick Moore, the Warhol’s interim director says, “We’re excited to be part of an exhibition that examines the continuing influence of Warhol on contemporary culture through the lens of some of today’s most influential tastemakers.” The traveling exhibition launched November 14th in Manhattan, and will continue there until December 26, before traveling to Los Angeles on January 13, and Miami on February 3.

The exhibition explores relevant themes from the Warhol’s body of work such as the blurring of art and commerce and the trials of fame. The result is an examination of not only Warhol, the American icon, but also Warhol the multi-talented, shy and driven artist who reached for inspiration across the interchanging worlds of fashion, music, media, art and celebrity.  

Letters to Andy Warhol focuses on five letters to or from Yves Saint Laurent, Mick Jagger, the Museum of Modern Art, the New York State Department of Public Works and a mutual friend of Warhol’s and Truman Capote that offer a glimpse into Warhol’s most personal experiences and relationships. Each letter has also inspired artistic contributions and experiences from other famous stars such as Aimee Mullins, Brian Atwood, Chiara Clemente, Derek Blasberg, David LaChapelle, Francesco Clemente, J.J. Martin, Nick Rhodes, Sean Lennon, Sienna Miller and Zac Posen.

Letters to Andy Warhol also includes Warhol artworks such as: Four Male Costumed Full Figures, 1950s and Car, 1950s. Both were works created as a commission for Harper’s Bazaar, which requested that he “make a visual comment on the phenomenon of the American motorcar.” The works illustrate a 1958 Cadillac Coupe de Ville. Also on display is Cadillac, created in 1962 in graphite on sketchbook paper. Furthermore, Warhol’s Seven Cadillacs, is also featured which depicts what is likely a 1963 Fleetwood (Special) four-door hardtop in black silkscreen ink on linen.  Lastly, Sign (Keep Out) 1976-1986, 1986 which consists of four gelatin silver photographs, machine-stitched in a grid with thread, picturing what is likely a 1983 Cadillac Coupe de Ville d’Elegance will be available for view.