Come Visit us at Bergamot Station!

Beverly Hills has served us well, but we decided it was time for a change of scenery – and let’s face it, everyone wants to live closer to the beach. That’s right, Revolver Gallery has moved into the historical Santa Monica complex Bergamot Station! The complex dates back to 1875, when it was a trolley stop on the Red Line, running from Los Angeles to the iconic Santa Monica pier. Once the trolley cars stopped running in the early fifties, Bergamot Station was left mostly disused for decades. Developer Wayne Blank was eventually approached about turning the abandoned space into a thriving art community, and in 1994 the Bergamot Station Arts Center was born.

Now home to around 50 galleries, Bergamot Station seemed like a great home for Revolver. We moved on December 1st and have been working ever since to prep the new space for our grand opening. We’ve even managed to get a full-size car in the doors – Andy Warhol’s Rolls Royce! – please don’t ask how we managed. It’s a secret.

We’re very proud to join the Bergamot Station family, and hope you’ll come join us when we open our doors to the public in February. Come see Warhol: Revisited, and experience the best of LA art all in one place.