Early Illustrations by a Pre-fame Warhol to be Re-published

Proof that everybody has to start somewhere, even icons like Andy Warhol, the Taschen Gallery is re-releasing early illustrations by Andy Warhol, his rarely seen collection of illustrated books originally used for self- promotion in Warhol’s early days as budding New York graphic designer and illustrator.

Early Illustrations by Andy Warhol

Two of seven books in the series out now by TASCHEN Books

Featuring quaint hand-drawn images of colorful cakes, cats, and cherubs, Seven Illustrated Books 1952-1959, offers a rare glimpse at a fledging genius clearly on the brink of worldwide fame. Published while in his early 20s, the books are a slight departure from what would later become Andy Warhol‘s signature pop style, yet still retail his distinct sense of whimsy. With only two of the seven books in the series having ever been reproduced, Taschen has gone to great lengths to retain as much of the originality of the collection as possible right down to the feel of the pages.