The Fan: A Tribute to Warhol’s Superstars

Ron Rivlin, June 29, 2016

A tribute to Andy Warhol’s superstars of the 60s and 70s, Megastar, is the inspiration behind Elle Azhdari and Cristina Aranda-Garson’s new line: The Fan. The line’s jackets utilize hand-sewn and hand-painted recreations of Andy Warhol’s Interview Magazine covers featuring idols such as: Michael Jackson, Yoko Ono and Stevie Wonder. When asked to comment on the choice of idol, Elle said “Andy Warhol’s Interview Magazine embodies every inch of all the things we love; larger than-fiction size superstars, colour, glamour, craftsmanship and instant patina… After the closing of my label, Janvier, and going through so much bullshit and paperwork, I felt mentally and creatively stifled and drained. I felt the urge to create something completely opposing to luxury handbags.”

Interview Magazine is a magazine founded by Andy Warhol and the british journalist John Wilcock. The magazine is a collection of interviews and conversations with many of the world’s most well known people varying from: Prince to Steven Spielberg and Lil Wayne. It still lives and breathes on the streets and the web today, but is headed by Fabien Baron and Glenn O’Brien.
The Fan line is limited edition, and will only be produced once (only 30 jackets are in existence currently). The line will become a living testament to the nostalgia of Warhol’s Superstars. Each piece of The Fan line comes with an authentication card certifying the authenticity of the piece.

Theophilus London, an up and coming recording artist, is featured in The Fans ad showcasing the collection. While walking the streets of New York, London describes things he is a fan of; Music specifically: Michael Jackson, Prince, Party Next Door, and himself. In today’s society, everyone has someone/something they idolize.
Azhdari and Aranda-Garson’s collection The Fan, seeks to celebrate Andy Warhol’s spin on classic pop culture idols through his various Interview Magazine covers. The line updates classics like the gilet and MA-1 bomber jacket, available in both silver and orange, to create a look that embodies Warhol’s pop culture. The Fan creates Megastars out of anyone who wears the collection.

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