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Hollywood Reporter: Jared Leto Visits Andy Warhol Exhibit in Santa Monica

The visit comes six months after it was reported that Leto would be producing and starring in a biopic, 'Warhol.' The actor had jointly acquired rights to Victor Bockris' book 'Warhol: The Biography' with producer Michael De Luca.
Jared Leto is getting in touch with his inner Andy Warhol.

The Oscar-winning actor stopped by Revolver Gallery on Monday afternoon for a private tour of the exhibit Andy Warhol: Revisited in Santa Monica. According to a source, Revolver Gallery owner Ron Rivlin led Leto around the space, speaking at length with him about the iconic artist, a conversation held against the backdrop of Warhol’s original works.

Revolver Gallery — located in gallery-filled Bergamot Station in Santa Monica — bills itself as “home to the largest gallery-owned collections of Andy Warhol works in the world.” Currently, there are more than 200 works on display as part of “Andy Warhol: Revisited,” which is on view through the end of May. It opened Feb. 14, close to 30 years after Warhol’s death in Feb. 22, 1987.

Leto’s visit comes six months after it was revealed by The Hollywood Reporter that Leto would be partnering with producer Michael De Luca and writer Terence Winter on a biopic titled Warhol, with Leto taking the lead role and sharing producer duties with De Luca. It’s still unclear where the project will fall in Leto’s production schedule as he’s on board for Tron 3 and Berlin, I Love You. He can next be seen in Blade Runner 2049 and The Outsider. 

The most notable pieces in the Revisited exhibit include Warhol’s Silver Shadow Rolls-Royce, rare portfolios of Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe, Campbell’s Soup Cans, Mick Jagger pieces, the Andy Mouse series collaboration with Keith Haring and rare plywood Campbell’s Tomato Juice shipping boxes.

Courtesy of Revolver Gallery
An image of the Andy Warhol exhibit at Revolver Gallery, located at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica.
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