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Revolver Gallery Debut Exhibition in Beverly Hills was a hit!

Revolver Gallery Exhibit #1

A small corner of Beverly Hills sparked to life last weekend when the doors of Revolver Gallery swung open for the first time. Over 200 Pop Art lovers entered the newly opened space to catch a glimpse of some of Warhol’s most Iconic works.

The show, titled Icons & Symbols, explores well known as well as rare works by Warhol, and showcases them in a 400 square foot space that encapsulates a 1960’s aesthetic.

Revolver exhibit #2

With a soundtrack straight from Andy Warhol’s Factory, visitors enjoyed cocktails, listened to the Velvet Underground, and spent the evening conversing while surrounded by Warhol’s depictions of John Wayne, Ted Kennedy, Mao, and Truman Capote.

The keg might be gone, but the doors are still open! The Icons & Symbols exhibition runs until April 15th and we love you to come and see what all the buzz is about. Our doors are open Tuesday to Sunday from 11am until 7pm.

Revolver exhibit #3

See you at the gallery!

Revolver Beverly Hills

6459 Charleville Blvd. (at Beverly Dr.)

Beverly Hills, CA


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