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Ads: Chanel / Rebel / Mobil / Blackglama by Andy Warhol out of the frame

Ads: Chanel / Rebel / Mobil / Blackglama

Catalogue Title: Ads: Chanel / Rebel / Mobil / Blackglama

Year: 1985

Size: 38″ x 38″

Medium: Unique screenprint in colors printed on recto and verso on wove paper.

Edition: Unique, outside of edition.


The Ads: Chanel / Rebel / Mobil / Blackgama screen print is a work of art by Andy Warhol that combines various images from his Ads series. Warhol’s Ads portfolio, made in 1985, is a quintessential work of Pop Art, lending itself perfectly to the intersection of fine art and popular, commercial imagery. To create this multi-layered collage, Warhol used the Chanel, Rebel Without a Cause, Mobilgas, andBlackgama images that appear in the Ads series.

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