Electric Chair 83 - Andy Warhol

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Title: Electric Chair (FS II.83)
Medium: Screenprint on Paper
Year: 1971
Size: 35 ½” x 48”
Edition: Edition of 250 signed and dated ’71 in ball-point pen and numbered with a rubber stamp on verso; some signed in pencil. Portfolio of 10.

Electric Chair 83 by Andy Warhol

Andy Warhol once remarked, “when you see an image over and over again it does not have much effect”. Yet Andy Warhol’s Electric Chair belies that statement. Andy Warhol’s Electric Chair is the manifestation of the tragedy in modern media. The empty chair is a jarring image that heightens the macabre theme and accentuates tension through anticipation of who’s next. This is almost like a fill in the blank, often our own imagination can fill in a far more horrific blank than anything else.

Electric Chair 83 as Part of Andy Warhol’s Larger Body of Work

Andy Warhol’s Electric Chair, explores an aspect of a larger theme he was preoccupied with: Death. The color composition of Andy Warhol’s Electric Chair, is a dirty yellow and bright blue. These are opposite colors on the color wheel and thus visually stimulating to the viewer in a perhaps slightly unsettling way. Both temperatures have high colors, which creates an overwhelming effect. The viewer cannot help but ponder the subject at hand although Warhol does not tell us what to feel. Instead, Andy Warhol’s Electric Chair, simply creates a sensation.

Andy Warhol Electric chair 82framedsig



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