Grapes 190 by Andy Warhol
Andy Warhol's signature on the Grapes 190 screen print
Grapes 190 by Andy Warhol in a frame
Grapes 190 by Andy Warhol hanging at Revolver Gallery
Andy Warhol - Grapes F.S. II 190 wd jpg

Grapes 190

Catalog Title: Grapes (FS II.190)
Year: 1979
Size: 40" x 30"
Medium: Portfolio of Six screenprints on Strathmore Bristol Paper
Edition: Edition of 50, 10 AP, 2 PP, 1 HC, signed and numbered in felt pen lower right.

Grapes 190 is a captivating screen print that Andy Warhol made in 1979, as part of the Grapes portfolio series of six. His artistic prowess in transforming a still life into a vibrant and abstract composition is on full display in this artwork. The print features a clustered image of grapes and grape leaves predominantly situated at the top of the frame. Warhol’s signature style of collage comes to life with the use of warm color blocks, including shades of yellow, orange, and red, which dominate the composition and create a visually exciting artwork.

Warhol depicted other fruits in 1979, in the Space Fruits series, though his inspiration to give grapes the Pop treatment likely came from an earlier collaboration with French winery Chateau Mouton Rothschild. In 1975, he designed labels for the winery, the color scheme of which seems to have sneakily made its way into the larger Grapes series, creating a connection between the two projects.

In Grapes 190, the bunch of grapes takes on a mesmerizing appearance, painted in a dark pink hue that adds an element of allure to the composition. Warhol renders the grape leaves in a refreshing shamrock green, contributing to the lively and energetic feel of the print. With his expert layering technique and use of flat blocks of color on top of his sketched line work, the grapes become abstracted and fragmented, making them somewhat elusive and intriguing to the viewer.

The bold and saturated screenprint showcases the grapes at the center of attention, drawing the eye to their succulent appearance. Amidst the bursts of fuchsia and green, Warhol expertly incorporates shades of oranges and reds, skillfully complementing the overall palette of the artwork. The generous whitespace in the bottom third of the frame offers balance to the vibrant colors above, creating a harmonious and visually captivating piece.

Grapes 190 is a fine example of Warhol’s ability to take a traditional subject and infuse it with his unique artistic vision. Through his masterful use of color and composition, Warhol transforms a simple bunch of grapes into a dynamic and engaging work of art, leaving a lasting impression on the viewer. This screenprint not only exemplifies Warhol’s artistic genius but also stands as a testament to his continued exploration of bold and innovative techniques in the realm of printmaking.

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