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Andy Warhol - Leonardo Da Vinci The Annunciation F.S. II 320 jpg
Andy Warhol - Annunciation FS-II-320 jpg
Warhol The Annunciation 320 Wall Display

Leonardo Da Vinci, The Annunciation 320

Catalogue Title: Details of Renaissance paintings (Leonardo Da Vinci, The Annunciation, 1474) (FS II.321)

Year: 1984

Size: 32″ x 44″

Medium: Screenprint on Arches Aquarelle (Cold Pressed) paper.

Edition: 60, 15 AP, 5 PP, 4 HC, 36TP portfolios. signed and numbered in pencil lower left.


Leonardo Da Vinci’s The Annunciation is part of Andy Warhol’s portfolio called Details of Renaissance Paintings, in which he recreates the pieces with a modern Pop Art touch. Warhol would take famous classical pieces of the Renaissance period and offer his own rendition. He strived to glorify these works of historical art, transporting them to the modern era with additions of his signature Warhol techniques. By adding vibrant Pop colors with his effective screen printing methods, Warhol reestablishes Da Vinci’s piece with a twist that glorifies it with a new significance.

Details of Renaissance paintings (Leonardo Da Vinci, The Annunciation, 1474) 320 by Andy Warhol as Part of His Larger Body of Work

Silkscreening was a technique that served to be very useful for Warhol. It allowed him to create series of prints efficiently and with a variety of color combinations. This innovative technique of the Pop Art movement symbolized America’s materialistic industry, a meaning that also transferred onto his works. By using this process to recreate classical Renaissance art, Andy Warhol gave his pieces in Details of Renaissance Paintings an entirely different meaning. Without disrespecting classic art, Warhol managed to produce versions of these iconic pieces into signature Warhol prints.

Photo credit: The Annunciation by  Leonardo da Vinci, c. 1472–1476, oil and tempera on poplar panel, 98 cm × 217 cm (39 in × 85 in), located at the Uffizi Palace in Florence, Italy. Courtesy of Wikipedia.

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