Andy Warhol - Lincoln Center Ticket F.S. II 19 jpg
Lincoln Center Ticket in frame
lincoln center ticket 19
Warhol's signature on the Lincoln Center Ticket print.
Andy Warhol Lincoln center ticket 19

Lincoln Center Ticket 19

Catalog Title: Lincoln Center Ticket (FS II.19)
Year: 1967
Size: 45” x 24”
Medium: Screenprint on opaque acrylic
Edition: 200 signed and numbered with an engraving needle on verso. Published to commemorate the Fifth New York Film Festival at Lincoln Center.

Lincoln Center Ticket 19 by Andy Warhol is a brightly colored representation of the entrance ticket for New York Film Festival at the Lincoln Center. The piece is reminiscent of the work we expect to see from Warhol. With bright pinks, reds, and blues, this interpretation of the Lincoln Center Ticket is a great example of Warhol’s adaptation of everyday objects into works of art.

Lincoln Center Ticket 19 by Andy Warhol as Part of his Larger Body of Work

Warhol used a number of different objects from his every day life and elevated them to objects of high art. Lincoln Center Ticket is a beautiful example of this. Just like the Brillo Boxes, Soup Cans, or the SAS Passenger Ticket, Warhol took these objects and put a Pop art twist on them. By adding bright colors and changing them slightly, they went from an object in a home or wallet to a piece hung on the wall of a museum. Also, Warhol had a very close connection to films, making many in the later part of his career, so it makes sense that he would like to commemorate the Fifth New York Film Festival with this Lincoln Center Ticket.

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