Mick Jagger Full Suite - Andy Warhol

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Title: Mick Jagger Complete Portfolio
Medium: Screenprint on Arches Aquarelle (rough) paper
Year: 1975
Size: 43 1/2″ x 29″
Details: Edition of 250, 50 AP, 3PP. Signed in pencil lower right and numbered in pencil lower left; some signed in felt pen. Most of the prints are also signed in black, green or red felt pen by Mick Jagger. Portfolio of 10.


Andy Warhol’s Mick Jagger full suite was printed in 1975 by Alexander Heinric, New York. A portfolio of ten screenprints printed on Arches Aquarelle paper, some prints are signed in felt pen. Most of the prints are also signed in black, green, or red felt pen by Mick Jagger. Included in this suite are: FS II.138 to FS II.147.

The image used for the series are based off of Polaroids taken of the musician in Warhol’s Factory. Since the 1960s Warhol had a professional relationship with the British rock n’ roll band, The Rolling Stones. Additionally, Warhol had a close friendship with the lead singer of the band, Mick Jagger. Having spent considerable time with Mick and his then wife Bianca, the couple were staples in Warhol’s social circle. Their friendship was publicly known and is referenced frequently in literary works such as The Andy Warhol Diaries, POPism: The Warhol Sixties, and Holy Terror: Andy Warhol Close Up.

In regards to their professional relationship, Warhol contributed artwork for The Stones eleventh American studio album Sticky Fingers (1971). The band approached Warhol to design its sleeve, requesting not to make the cover too complex to avoid problems during production. Warhol agreed but ignored the request, and went on to produce the legendary cover. The original vinyl featured a close-up shot of actor and Warhol Superstar, Joe Dallesandros, in denim jeans with a visible outline of his penis and a working zipper that opened to reveal cotton briefs.

mick jagger by andy warhol

Andy Warhol Mick Jagger complete portfolio

Andy Warhol Mick Jagger Suite

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