Space Fruit Peaches 202

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Title: Space Fruit: Peaches FS II.202
Medium: Screenprint on Lenox Museum Board.
Year: 1979
Size: 30″ x 40″
Details: Edition of 150. Portfolio of six.

Space Fruit Peaches 202

Space Fruit Peaches 202 is a part of Andy Warhol’s Space Fruit series that he completed in 1979. Warhol took much interest in achieving a perfect shadow composition, which is evident in this particular work as he creates the fruits’ shadows with both dark shading and purple and turquoise shading as well. While Warhol’s quick detailed lines give the fruit its shape, his shading gives the fruit its texture, which ultimately allows one to recognize the fruit as peaches.

Warhol created this series by placing the fruit on a white background, then lighting the background at specific angles to cast arbitrary shadows for Warhol to take pictures of. The many colors that are seen are a compilation of silkscreened layers of print.

Space Fruit Peaches 202 as Part of Andy Warhol’s Larger Body of Work

This series marks a shift of Warhol’s interest from commercial products to art historical subjects. Warhol takes the same approach to his Space Fruit series as he does to his Flowers and Skulls series, taking traditional props and isolating each element in some of his most famous portfolios.

Throughout his career, Andy Warhol worked with assistants and printers to create numerous print portfolios. In 1977 he met printer Rupert Jasen Smith who worked with him to create the series Space Fruit. These prints demonstrate Warhol’s experimentation with a the classical tradition of the still life. Still lifes by their very nature are choreographed compositions focusing on shape, color, space and oftentimes symbolism. For centuries, artists used the study of a composition including fruits, vegetables, glasses of water and insects to display their artistic virtuoso.

Andy Warhol Spacefruit Peaches 202

peaches-sigWarhol Space Fruit Peaches 202 Wall Display


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