Sunset 85 - Andy Warhol

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Title: Sunset (Yellow/Green)
Medium: Screenprint on paper.
Year: 1972
Size: 34″ x 34″
Edition: Edition of 632. 40 portfolios containing four prints each. Signed and numbered in pencil on verso. Remaining 472 prints were used for the Hotel Marquette in Minneapolis, Minnesota. In 1981, signed and numbered x/470 and dated in pencil on verso, two were marked HC. Stamped in black on verso, Hotel Marquette Prints.

Sunset (Yellow/Green)

Sunset 85 by Andy Warhol, who shot several reels of sunsets in East Hampton, San Francisco and New York that inspired this print.

Sunset (Yellow/Green) as Part of Andy Warhol’s Larger Body of Work

The Sunset series was produced in 1972 on smooth wove paper. This series is an extreme example of the concept of color serialization. The screen print was produced at an unheard of 472 unique color variations with the use of only three screens. The sunset series is considered to be one of Warhol’s more expressive projects he produced in his lifetime. The commission for the work was made by Johnson & Burgee, famed architects, to be installed in the rooms of the renovated Hotel Marquette in Minneapolis, Minnesota. After the prints were removed from the hotel, they were signed, numbered and stamped.

andy warhol - sunset green yellow

andy warhol - sunset green yellowAndy-warhol-sunset

andy warhol - sunset green yellow

andy warhol - sunset green yellow

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