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Sunset Yellow by Andy Warhol
Andy Warhol Sunset (Yellow) screenprint out of frame.
Warhol Sunset Yellow Wall Display

Sunset (Yellow)

Catalogue Title: Sunset (Yellow)

Year: 1972

Size: 34″ x 34”

Medium: Screenprint on Paper.

Edition: Edition of 40. Signed, numbered and dated in pencil on verso


Andy Warhol’s Sunset (Yellow) is one of a number of screenprints created in the 1970’s that depict the same sunset in a range of different color combinations.The prints are based off of several reels of film shot in East Hampton, San Francisco and New York for the artist’s film, Sunset. Andy Warhol reminds us that no sunset is the same, especially when they vary from city to city. Each sunset creates a different sensation or feeling, and that is why every single piece in this collection is so relevant, because it touches a different part of us and invokes a different feeling from within. Each print in the Sunset portfolio is unique, as they are all based off of different stills from the Sunset film.

Sunset (Yellow) by Andy Warhol as Part of his Larger Body of Work

Andy Warhol’s Sunset (Yellow) is soothing to the eye. When an artist uses analogous colors from a color wheel, it creates an engaging effect. Additionally, the color composition of Andy Warhol’s Sunset (Yellow) appear ethereal. The varying shades of beige, mixed with a slight tinge of orange at the bottom and yellow at the center enhance the effect. The placement of the shades also create a pleasing effect. The brightness of the yellow center and orange strip bring an otherwise dull beige to life. While many artists have attempted to portray the majesty of a sunset in their work, few have been successful. Sunsets are not just a daily occurrence, but a feeling. Andy Warhol’s Sunset (Yellow) visually recreates the sensation of experiencing the vanilla sky at sunset.

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