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Vote McGovern
Andy Warhol - Vote McGovern F.S. II 84 jpg

TWO for sale “Vote Hillary” by Deborah Kass & “Vote McGovern” by Andy Warhol!

Catalogue Title: Vote Hillary by Deborah Kass & Vote McGovern 84 by Andy Warhol

Year: 2016, 1972

Size: Both 42″ x 42″

Medium: Screen Print, Screen Print on Arches 88 Paper.

Edition: Vote McGovern: Edition of 250 signed and numbered in ball-point pen on verso.


Contemporary artist Deborah Kass has released a limited edition silkscreen mirroring Andy’s Vote McGovern print. The print labeled “Vote Hillary” reveals an image of Donald Trump maintaining a similar color palette. We have THREE sets of this combo available with the Deborah Kass “Vote Hillary” print at NO EXTRA CHARGE. *This sale does not reflect the political beliefs of Revolver Gallery.

Vote Hillary was created in support of the Hillary Clinton 2016 presidential campaign by New York artist Deborah Kass. As an ode to Andy Warhol’s negative portrayal of Richard Nixon in Vote McGovern (1972), Kass’s print mimics the style and composition of Warhol’s print, mirroring the printed suit texture detailing, sizing and graffiti scrawl below the portrait image.

“Thrilled to announce ‘Vote Hillary,’ my official fundraising screen print for HRC campaign,” Kass writes on an Instagram post announcing the piece.

Vote McGovern 84 was created for the George McGovern Presidential campaign in 1972. Rather than portray McGovern in his piece, Warhol decided to represent the opponent in a negative light. Warhol’s demonic portrait of Richard Nixon, with blue skin and orange eyes leaves no doubt as to the artist’s political position, even without the graffiti scrawl on the bottom “Vote McGovern.” The vibrant reds and oranges surrounding Nixon’s face give the impression that he is erupting in flames.

Warhol had something in common with Nixon – he loved to video-tape and tape-record conversations with his friends, in person and on the phone. A few years ago, the Andy Warhol Museum exhibited a collection of Warhol’s personal Nixonalia -Watergate-themed Newsweek magazines, two Nixon hand puppets, and photos documenting wiretapping techniques. Warhol’s portrait of Nixon brings to mind Hunter S. Thompson’s comments about the 37th President, “Nixon [himself who] represents that dark, venal and incurably violent side of the American character…” (The Great Shark Hunt, p. 231)

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