Four Hearts

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Title: Four Hearts
Medium: Silkscreened enamel and diamond dust on canvas
Year: 1986
Size: 15″ x 15″
Edition: Unique.

Four Hearts

Four Hearts is a 1986 artwork by Andy Warhol. The piece features 4 identical pink hearts on a black canvas covered in diamond dust. Hearts are universally associated with love. The delicate pink coloring on a welcoming sparkly black background creates an illusion of depth.

Four Hearts as Part of Andy Warhol’s Larger Body of Work

Andy Warhol elevated the mundane everyday items such as soups, Brillo pads, and even hearts. Through his art, he exhibits the beauty within ordinary objects and familiar images. His subject matter tends to be things people usually forget to acknowledge. The sameness and symmetry of Four Hearts gives it a machine-made aesthetic. Machines and factories are essentials to the culture of mass production and conspicuous consumption that Warhol’s work constantly criticized.

Andy Warhol Four heartsfour-hearts-out-of-frame Andy Warhol Four hearts


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