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WARHOL LIVES: 2022 Print Market Report

Revolver Gallery is proud to present the 2022 Andy Warhol Market Report, providing readers with 120 pages of in-depth Warhol knowledge and analysis. The only comprehensive review of its kind, our report is the product of tireless research into Warhol archives and databases, and years of personal experience buying and selling Warhol’s artwork.

Andy Warhol was not only one of the most groundbreaking and influential visual artists of the twentieth century, but an enterprising businessman who unapologetically capitalized on his celebrity to make money. “Business art is what comes after art,” he said. Marketing, mass production, commodification and branding were common motifs in his artwork. After a brush with death, he became acutely aware of his “business art” as a “kinetic machine” which would keep on making money without him. Over thirty years after his physical death that machine is still making money—and a lot of it!

Sales of Warhol’s art comprise more than five percent of global art revenues. The consistent appreciation of the Warhol art market over the past two decades has far outpaced the broader art market—and even the Dow Jones. This makes owning a Warhol print a smart investment, but how does a buyer navigate the Warhol market?

In the 2022 Warhol Print Market Report, Ron Rivlin, owner of the Revolver Gallery in Los Angeles, leverages his art expertise and experience to demystify the Warhol market for investors and collectors. He draws from numerous sources of art market data to present a holistic overview of the Warhol print market today, along with the updated 2022 Warhol Print Market Index. He explains how Warhol print prices are determined, their average rate of increase, and why the majority of Warhol prints sell for above their high estimate; how the market contracted during the COVID-19 pandemic, and why it enjoyed a historically strong return in 2021. The report also makes projections about Warhol prints to watch in the next five years, the long-term shift in Warhol collector demographics, and trends in the art world that affect the market.

Warhol lives in the art market that trades his prints and paintings; in the influence and relevance of his life and work, that is constantly renewing itself in artists and admirers who take his genius in fresh and surprising directions; in exhibitions and documentaries that engage with an intergenerational audience of millions. Warhol lives!

What’s Inside?

In WARHOL LIVES, readers will find a holistic review of the Warhol market over the past two decades. After a decade of being the world’s go-to Warhol specialists, we share our extensive knowledge of the Warhol market and the myriad factors that motivate its activity, as well as how it’s changing. Some key features of this report include:

  • Revolver’s 2022 Warhol Print Market Index

  • Top prints by sales and value appreciation

  • Which prints are fetching the highest prices

  • Prints to watch in the coming decade

  • Historical growth rates for individual prints and complete portfolios

  • How the average print increased by 39% in one year

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