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Self portrait 16 by Andy Warhol stock photo with Revolver watermark. Andy stands in faded colors with his fingers against his mouth.
Andy Warhol - Self Portrait 17
Andy Warhol - Self Portrait 17
Andy Warhol Self-Portrait 16 screenprint out of frame.
self-portrait 16
warhol self portrait 16
Andy Warhol sitting next to his Self Portrait artwork.

Self-Portrait 16

Catalogue Title: Self-Portrait (FS II.16)

Year: 1966

Size: 23” x 23”

Medium: Offset lithograph on silver coated paper

Edition: 300 signed and numbered in ball-point pen on verso; some signed on recto. Published to announce a Warhol exhibition at the Leo Castelli Gallery, New York, April 2-April 27, 1966.


Self-Portrait 16 is part of a series of self-portraits based on a photograph done by Rudolph Burkhardt. In these self-portraits, Warhol tried to minimize his more mundane human qualities while maintaining strong likeness of himself in order to still be recognized. This particular print is done with black ink printed on silver coated paper with half of Warhol’s face almost entirely in black. The pose he holds in which his hand rests on his chin gives a sense of contemplation; it is as if he is trying to figure out what his next work is going to be.

Self-Portrait 16 by Andy Warhol as Part of His Larger Body of Work

With Self-Portrait 16, Warhol established himself as an iconic subject among his artwork and pieces of notable celebrities. Throughout his career, Warhol’s image became more and more prolific and has become almost as famous as his work itself, which is uncommon for most artists. The images of Warhol were both by his own making as well as by other photographers or artists. In the late-1970s and into the 1980s, his self-portraits became more and more pervasive, which was largely due to his interest in different types of cameras and printing methods.

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